Vol 9 (2017)

Table of Contents

On the relation of three theorems of analysis to the axiom of choice
Adrian Felix Dominik Fellhauer
Functions of limited accumulation
Imme van den Berg
Factorisation of germ-like series
Sonia L'Innocente, Vincenzo Mantova
A non-standard approach to a constrained forced oscillator
Dalibor Prazak, Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal, Jakub Slavik
Point-free characterisation of Bishop compact metric spaces
Tatsuji Kawai
Cardinal invariants of strongly porous sets
Osvaldo Guzmán, Michael Hrušák, Arturo Martinez-Celis
Axiomatics for the external numbers of nonstandard analysis
Bruno Miguel Antunes Dinis, Imme Pieter Van den Berg
Continuity, computability, constructivity: from logic to algorithms 2014 (Preface to the special issue: Continuity, Computability, Constructivity: From Logic to Algorithms 2014)
Andrej Bauer, Ulrich Berger, Willem Fouché, Dieter Spreen, Hideki Tsuiki, Martin Ziegler
Clarke's generalized gradient and Edalat's L-derivative
Peter Hertling
A point-free characterisation of Bishop locally compact metric spaces
Tatsuji Kawai
How constructive is constructing measures?
Arno Pauly, Willem Fouché