Vol 2 (2010)

Table of Contents

Open sublocales of localic completions
Erik Palmgren
Description of locally finite families from a nonstandard point of view
Ulf Clotz
Stability of group homomorphisms in the compact-open topology
Pavol Zlatos
Splitting in solvable groups of finite Morley rank
Olivier Frécon
A lambda calculus for real analysis
Paul Taylor
Geometric spaces with no points
Robert Lubarsky
Addendum and Erratum to “Geometric spaces with no points”
Robert Lubarsky
Harmonic measure and subanalytically tame measures
Tobias Kaiser
Relative set theory: Some external issues
Karel Hrbacek
Complex spaces and nonstandard schemes
Adel Khalfallah, Siegmund Kosarew
The probability distribution as a computational resource for randomness testing
Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen
Constructive theory of Banach algebras
Thierry Coquand, Bas Spitters