Vol 3 (2011)

Table of Contents

Conway names, the simplicity hierarchy and the surreal number tree
Philip Ehrlich
Subspace structure of some operator and Banach spaces
Timur Oikhberg, Christian Rosendal
Locating subsets of B(H) relative to seminorms inducing the strong-operator topology
Douglas Bridges
Uniform liftings of continuous mappings
Alexander P Pyshchev
Minima and best approximations in constructive analysis
Matthew Hendtlass, Peter Schuster
Unique paths as formal points
Thierry Coquand, Peter Schuster
Ends of groups: a nonstandard perspective
Isaac Goldbring
Constructive reverse investigations into differential equations
Hannes Diener, Iris Loeb
Algebraic properties of external numbers
Bruno Dinis, Imme van den Berg
Radically elementary analysis of an interacting particle system at an unstable equilibrium
Heinz Weisshaupt
Quantifier elimination in the theory of Lp(Lq) Banach lattices
C Ward Henson, Yves Raynaud